Businesses negotiate almost all aspects of its life and existance, including purchases and sales of product and services, leases, rentals, employment contracts and mostly every other aspect of the business.  Negotiations, evidenced by contracts and agreements, require the trained advise of a legal professional.

Taxes - Strategic

Business formation and type of legal entity selected, whether C Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, Trust, will determine the legal rights of the entity's owners, shareholders, partners, members, grantor's, trustees.  Business formation and entity selection require the trained advise of a business legal professional as it will determine owner's rights and responsibilities to each other and government entities and will determine the entity's taxation and tax related strategy.

Business Formation

When forming a business entity the two main considerations are legal and tax. From the legal standpoint, the type of entity formed will determine the legal rights of its owners, including shareholders in Corporations, partners in partnerships and members in limited liability companies.

Successful Tax Strategy

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Business Acquisitions/Sale

When acquiring a business, prospective owners should base their decision on due diligence, including: legal matters, possible liabilities, state and quality of the assets and extent of contingencies and liabilities (if these are to be part of the purchase). The acquisition may be of the assets or the stock, in case of corporations.  The purchase price is allocated to the assets and goodwill purchased with a significant effect in the purchased entities financial statements and tax position.

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Entering contracts require the expert advise of a trained professionals to include the necessary provisions and guarantees and proper definition of the parties and remedies to protect your personal assets and the business.

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